Pro-Edge™ - Anti edge-cut

Edge-cut is a common type of damage for rubber tracks used on construction sites. When a machine drives against a curb, stump or sharp/solid object, the edge of the track can bend over, shearing the rubber between the edge of the track and the top of the embedded core metal.

edge-cut on curb

Common cause of edge-cut

edge-cut 1000 hrs

After 1000 hours

edge-cut after 1900 hrs

After 1900 hours


Pro-Edge logo


diagramBridgestone developed innovative Pro-Edge technology to minimize edge-cut damage. Pro-Edge technology is based on the combination of a rounded shape core metal edge design to avoid the build-up of stress concentrations, and additional rubber volume on both the inner and tread sides to make the track edge more durable.

Tested and proven

Bridgestone's Pro-Edge technology is now well accepted by many customers and proved in the market. The benefits of Pro-Edge are also proved by Bridgestone's internal testing and by FEM analysis.

FEM standard

Standard core metal

Pro-Edge FEM

Pro-Edge core metal
47% less stress on the core metal edge compared to a standard core metal.


Pro-Edge 4-fold improvement
300mm width track testing data on 3.5ton machine. Graph shows the number of trials made before edge-cut occurs.